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The IVR Voice

Allison Smith

Allison Smith is an internationally recognized professional voice talent, specializing in voicing telephone systems. If you’ve maneuvered through telephone prompts while calling a Fortune 500 company, participated in a telephone customer satisfaction survey, signed onto a conference call, listened to the public airwaves, took an online training module, or even received an automated call notifying you of an upcoming medical or dental appointment – chances are, you’ve heard Allison. One of most prevalent and widespread telephone voices working today, Allison has voiced platforms for Vonage, Bell Canada, Sprint, Cingular, Verizon, Qwest, – as well as being the voice of the Open Source PBX Asterisk. Clients include PetSmart, Kennedy Space Center, 3M, Pfizer, Toyota, Victoria’s Secret, Bank of America and eBay among many others. Her website is


Andrew Nagy
Senior Software Engineer

Andrew's involvement with FreeBPX began in 2009 with the creation of the Open Source Endpoint Manager and Library. Today he is one of the core developers of the FreePBX project. Andrew has also been instrumental in helping to manage the third party FreePBX repository called POSSA which contains such projects as CID Superfecta and the Hotel Style Wakeup Calls modules. Andrew strongly believes in Open Source Software and providing users and developers with proper documentation. Prior to Sangoma, Andrew worked in the entertainment industry as a sound designer/engineer and freelance computer programmer. Andrew has a BA from California State University Fullerton.


Bryan Walters
Software Engineering Manager

Bryan has been intimately involved with FreePBX since 2007 and is part of the management team directing the development and direction of FreePBX today. With engineering in his blood, he continues to be directly involved with the development of many aspects of FreePBX. As part of the management team with Sangoma, Bryan has recently directed the development of PBXact Cloud offerings that bring the full power of FreePBX to a segment of Sangoma's audience looking for more hands-off offerings. Prior to Sangoma, Bryan was a co-founder of Schmooze Communications, which merged with Sangoma in 2015. Bryan led the efforts in building the customer portal infrastructure and backend technology that led to the FreePBX Distro and commercial module offerings that continue to be flawlessly delivered to customers today. Prior to his FreePBX days, Bryan worked as an advisor to high net worth clients on their banking and investment needs. He has a BS in Software Engineering/Information Technology and an AS in Business Administration.


Daniel Noworatzky

A Sales Engineer and Purchasing Manager since 2006 for TeleDynamics, a worldwide wholesale distributor of telecom equipment and consumer electronics, Daniel has strong product knowledge in understanding VoIP systems and legacy integration. In his current post, he is responsible for strategic sales and account management of key accounts, product purchasing, manufacturer relations, and IP PBX implementation sales support. He specializes in telecommunications, TDM, and IP endpoint devices including headsets, phones, conference phones, and paging accessories, unified communications, and complete legacy to IP transitional solutions. Daniel continues to develop relationships with the industry's leading vendors and manufacturers to provide TeleDynamics' dealers with the largest assortment of the most recognized and trusted VoIP and TDM products.

LOD Communications / The Palner Group

Fred Posner
VoIP Engineer

After working with solutions such as Acme Packet, Broadsoft, Cisco, and others, Fred discovered Asterisk and quickly embraced open source software in telecommunication. A large (yes, it’s a fat joke) proponent of Asterisk and Kamailio, Fred currently provides Kamailio / VoIP consultation services through and The Palner Group, Inc. In 2010, Fred and his wife opened a bakery in Florida. When not working on SIP, he's baking bread.


James Finstrom
Software Engineer

James has been involved in one way or another with the FreePBX project for the past 10 years. He is an open source evangelist promoting and contributing time and code to various open source projects over the years. Prior to working with FreePBX, he worked in traditional telephony for 6 years installing and maintaining SMB and enterprise telephony networks.  For 8 years James worked as the community manager for a major hardware vendor.  In 2014 James started with the FreePBX team as the community manager with a focus on improving both user and developer project documentation and building a more engaged community as well as strengthening contributions to the FreePBX ecosystem. Over the last year, he has also joined the development team and has worked on the FreePBX 13 facelift and on squashing some long standing bugs. He has a passion for technology and the open source community as a whole.

.e4 Strategies

Mike White

Mike White is the owner and operator of .e4 Strategies, a leading online reseller of VoIP hardware.


Preston McNair
VP of Sales - Sangoma

As Vice President of Sales at Sangoma US, Preston is responsible for the growth of the reseller and distribution channels, and the overall sales and marketing of the FreePBX, PBXact, and SIPStation product lines and Professional Services. Preston brings more than 20 years of executive telecom industry experience to Sangoma. Prior to joining Sangoma he started, ran, and grew facilities-based CLECs and a chain of successful wireless stores, and also worked as both channel manager and reseller for several major telecom providers. During Preston's tenure with Sangoma, the company has seen explosive growth in both revenues and global exposure of its key product lines. Preston’s deep technical knowledge and FreePBX community activity has enhanced the strategic planning and execution of Sangoma's global sales and marketing initiatives.


Răzvan Crainea
Core Developer

Răzvan has been a part of the OpenSIPS development team for six years. He is experienced in using OpenSIPS as a core component in the design and development of VoIP platforms.

i9 Technologies

Sean Hetherington
Managing Partner

Sean Hetherington is a managing partner and one of two founders of i9 Technologies, a FreePBX EcoSystem Certified Partner. Sean has been in the telephony and VoIP fields for over 10 years and managing the iSymphony project since its creation in 2006.


Scott Beer
Director of Support & Professional Services

Director, Technical Support and Professional Services, Mr. Beer provides engineering support for a leading enterprise communications transformation to a software-based, owned by IT, and delivered in the cloud. Working to maintain a reliable and secure communications and collaboration via voice, video, IM, conferencing, web, and social networks. And continuing to work in an IT Telephony channel specializing in SIP Telephony and Security environments. Mr. Beer manages the TAC Team and Professional Services groups with whom provides engineering support to pre and post Sales Accounts and channel partners; provides guidance and troubleshooting expertise for secure communications and collaboration. Mr. Beer brings over 20 years of technical experience in emerging technologies within communications and computing businesses.


Tony Lewis
General Manager

Tony comes from an entrepreneurial background, successfully starting and running various companies. He brings a wide background in aggressive sales and marketing to Sangoma and the FreePBX Project. His true passion is competing with FreePBX/Asterisk based PBXs in a legacy world. He has developed a successful program to give integrators an edge when selling against the Big Brand Competition. He also has a vast knowledge of FreePBX and Asterisk, what their customization capabilities bring to the table, and how to use the openness of Asterisk to help close sales.
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